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Posted on 2021.01.14 15:52 GMT+1

VRC6 and SMB.

So 2020 winter, I really wanted to learn some mapper expanding on
NES games. I tried it with SMB and I expanded it to VRC6, and I have been
thinking. Hmmm... now that I have VRC6 SMB and space for DPCM, why not
use them? I downloaded Famistudio's music engine, asked some questions and
it was born. Sadly, without some minor overclocking, the game lags, but I'm
glad atleast works. You can check it out by clicking here.

Posted on 2020.12.11 18:16 GMT+1

Another dead project?

I'm famous for creating new and new projects without finishing my older ones.
I started setting this website up, where I can post my ASM alterations, hacks
or anything related to SMB. Super Mario Brothers is the only game I make
hacks of, but I recently started a DKC2 hack too. I'm only working on it
when I feel like to. Anyways, here is a Discord link for the server of SMB
Hacking. You can find me here and other helpful members. I have a
Youtube channel aswell, and a Twitter account. I post most of my stuff
on Twitter, but I will write it here too more-detailed. English isn't my first language
so excuse my mistakes that I make sometimes. Thanks for checking in, see you
next time.