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Updated on 2020.12.11


SMB-Octave - Makes the music 1 octave lower by me
SMB-FPG-Fix - Fixes the Flagpole glitch by me
SMB-Inflives - Infinite Lives by me
SMB-GreatEd - Fixes the glitched graphics in GreatEd edited roms by RussianManSMWC
SMB-Spiny - Spinies don't spawn Lakitu anymore; the only side effect is that when Lakitu dies, he won't respawn by Alp
SMB-Vine - Changes the residual balls to vines, water coins are sacrifised by Alp and me
SMB-World - A .zip of different world selection patches by me
SMB-NoStatus - Removes the statusbar completely by SpiderDave
SMB-NoMusic - Changes the music data to nothing by NesDraug
SMB-TurnAround - Enables turning around in air by SpiderDave
SMB-NoBroJump - Disables jumping for hammer bros by me (I think)
SMB-betterStomp - Makes the stomp easier to control by Frantik, extracted by Alp
SMB-NoIntermediate - Disables intermediate screen by SpiderDave